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Digital technology serving project implementation

3 April 2018 - Projects update and handover - France

Within the framework of a project in Bailly Romainvilliers (Paris region), teams from the EJL Chelles offices (Eurovia and Eurovia Mitry-Mory) are collaborating with the Arforia start-up, which specialises in the development of virtual and augmented reality projects.

This modelling process has three objectives: a better understanding of the project’s requirements during the call-for-tenders phase, meeting the public’s need for information and optimising communication (public meetings, users, clients) during the implementation phase and, finally, the intuitive and interactive creation of the as-built documentation at the end of the project.This use of digital technology is one of the 42 assessment criteria for the Excellence Environnement label, awarded to Eurovia in February 2018.

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