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Design-build of a reactor on the ITER project

30 April 2018 - New contracts - France

After designing and installing the earthquake-resistant supports and the 18 spherical CBS supports (Cryostat Support Bearings), Nuvia and GTM Sud (VINCI Construction) are continuing their collaboration on the design-build of the support for the cryostat of the Tokamak reactor (designed to exploit fusion energy) at the heart of the international ITER project, in Cadarache (south of France).

Teams are currently installing 18 mechanically-welded structures (Embedded Frames/EF), which will be embedded in a high-performance, self-levelling concrete, specially developed for the project by the Materials Engineering Department, after being connected to a large number of reinforcement bars (average ratio: more than 700 kg/cu. metre).

The final concreting should be completed in summer 2018, making way for the finishing and reactor assembly works.

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