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News update

Construction of a quay at the port of Noumea

Construction of a quay at the port of Noumea

27 November 2017 - New contracts - New Caledonia

The autonomous port of New Caledonia has just awarded Dumez GTM Calédonie (VINCI Construction Dom-Tom) the resumption of construction work on quay No. 8, extending the Grand Quai of Noumea over a distance of 250 m.

VINCI Construction Maritime et Fluvial and Jean Lefebvre Pacifique (VINCI Construction Dom-Tom) will also be participating in the works which, due to start in December 2017, will take 17 months. The project involves the construction of a new quay, composed of a sheet pile wall which will be reinforced by piles and anchored by two layers of tie rods, transferring the load to a wall behind.

The teams will be trying out a new cement suitable for maritime works. Berthing capacity and hence trade flows at the port of Noumea will thus be enhanced (ships currently have to wait about a week in the port’s roadstead).

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