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Construction of a footbridge in Rwanda

26 February 2018 - Events - Rwanda

In early February 2018, five employees of Freyssinet (VINCI Construction) flew off to Rwanda for two weeks, having volunteered to take part in a Bridges to Prosperity project to build a footbridge in the south of the country.

The Kucyaruseke bridge built with the help of the Freyssinet and COWI volunteers (international consulting firm, specializing in engineering, environmental studies and economics) will improve the everyday lives of the local population, which is made up of around 3,000 people mainly living off the land. Locals currently have to cross the river using tree trunks to go to the market in Huye to sell their harvest. The tree trunks are dangerous enough in dry weather, but can't be crossed when it rains, meaning that people are forced to take a detour of almost six kilometres, adding two hours to their normal journey time.

Bridges to Prosperity is an American NGO which helps to open up isolated communities by building footbridges. The Kucyaruseke Bridge will make it easier for the 3,000 people living in the area to get around; until now they’ve had to use tree trunks to cross the river.

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