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Complex drainage works in the Ferrand Valley (south-east France)

17 May 2019 - Projects update and handover - France

In the Ferrand Valley (south-east France), which can only be connected with the wastewater network in the commune of Freney-d’Oisans via a narrow gorge gouged out by a mountain torrent, teams from Perino Bordone (Eurovia) will be engaged until mid-2019 in complex drainage works.

In order to install a pipe, they had to use an old underground tunnel, abandoned in the 1960s and accessible only via a narrow path, and, a major challenge, then cross a ravine with the help of a beam installed by helicopter in order to connect the network through to Freney.

In addition, cables were installed by a specialised firm in order to provide safe access to the target area and the topographical survey of the area was carried out by a drone.

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