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News update

Coastal development in Caldera

Coastal development in Caldera

17 November 2017 - Projects update and handover - Chile

Bitumix (Eurovia) will complete coastal development works in the port town of Caldera, in the Atacama region of northern Chile, in late 2017.

This project to develop the area around the El Jefe beach is aimed at stimulating coastal tourism and business activity in Caldera. It was launched within the framework of the Chilean Coastal Development Plan.

Being undertaken by the Copiapó office of Bitumix, this project is atypical due, in particular, to the complexity of its implementation and the relations with the fishing community and local residents.

The works include the development of the waterfront, the installation of urban furniture, the creation of a concreted access route to the beach and the provision of shelters and green spaces. And the promenade alongside the fishing harbour, providing access to the restaurants, will be widened, making it easier for people to move around.

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