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News update

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Atlantic Bridge in Panama successfully keyed

6 September 2018 - Projects update and handover - Panamá

VINCI Construction Grands Projets was awarded the contract to build the 1,050 metre long concrete cable-stayed bridge three kilometres north of the Gatun locks near the city of Colón.

The structure, which will carry two traffic lanes in each direction and rise 75 metres above sea level, will set a new record. With its 530 metre span, it will be the world's longest concrete cable-stayed bridge.The project also includes the construction of the access viaducts on either side of the bridge as well as roads connecting it with the existing road network.

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When completed, the Atlantic Bridge will allow vehicles to cross the Panama Canal whether or not the locks are in operation and will allow the passage of large Post-Panamax type container ships.

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