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Asphalts that work for the environment

7 March 2019 - Sustainable development - France

Paris City Council, in collaboration with Eurovia, Colas and Bruitparif, is implementing the Cool & Low Noise Asphalt project, the capital’s first noise-attenuation road surfacing project.

The aim is to develop and test several innovative types of mix and bituminous asphalt, in order to reduce noise pollution and combat urban heat islands. After over a year of research, Eurovia has developed Puma®, a hot-mix asphalt. This has been deployed in a street in the city’s 15th arrondissement, following planing of the existing surface and the laying of a modified mix to serve as a base. In order to assess the effects of the new material, part of the conventional road surface has been retained and readings will be carried out until 2027.

This project forms part of the EU’s Life programme – it was the programme’s award winner in 2016 – which aims to promote and financially support initiatives in favour of the environment and climate action.

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