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News update

Asphalting of the Kelo-Pala road in Chad

Asphalting of the Kelo-Pala road in Chad

16 January 2017 - Projects update and handover - Chad

Sogea-Satom (VINCI Construction International Network) started asphalting the road between Kelo and Pala, in the Mayo Kebbi region (south of the country), in January 2017, on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and accessibility.

The newly built road will be surfaced with a layer of mix over a distance of 109 km, including 9 km providing 2x2 lanes; two engineering structures and 38 hydraulic structures will also be created. The works will extend over 30 months.

This section forms the first part of the road linking Chad with Cameroon; its creation will open up and promote the economic development of this agricultural region.

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