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A partner of the “Elles bougent” association, VINCI is committed to a gender mix in the workplace

8 March 2019 - Events - France

The partnership formed with the “Elles bougent” association in January 2018 aims to encourage more girls to become engineers or technicians in industrial and technological companies. It is thus very much in the spirit of the commitments entered into by VINCI in its Manifesto.

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Why a partnership with the “Elles bougent” association? The main objective of “Elles bougent”, created in 2015, is to achieve greater gender diversity in businesses in the industrial and technological sectors, where women still only make up a small percentage of the workforce.

Working in cooperation with the Group, it notably facilitates meetings between VINCI employees and female students during forums, site visits and trade fairs, competitions and conferences.


All VINCI employees are invited to join the “Elles bougent” network, which is represented across France – and soon also elsewhere – by regional delegations.

Female VINCI employees – engineers, technicians, or having had scientific training – also have the possibility of becoming an ‘ambassadress’, encouraging girls, notably at events organised by the association in secondary schools, engineering schools and other public institutions, to consider careers in such areas.

Other colleagues wishing to contribute to combating stereotypes and increasing gender diversity in these professions may also serve as an intermediary, accompanying an ambassadress and/or supporting her message, drawing on their own professional experience and expertise.

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In 2019, from 4-10 March, VINCI will be participating for the first time in “Girls on the Move”, a week of activities including visits to industrial sites and round table discussions. An initiative launched by “Elles bougent” and its partners, its aim is to bring about direct contacts between female engineers and technicians and female students and secondary school pupils studying scientific and technical subjects.

Several VINCI subsidiaries, in France and elsewhere, will be participating in this event. In Colombia, for example, Soletanche Bachy (VINCI Construction) is organising a conference on 5 March, for pupils at a secondary school, on careers in engineering and the place of women in this profession.

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