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News update

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A9/A61 motorway fork

12 February 2018 - Projects update and handover - France

On the VINCI Autoroutes network, the A9/A61 motorway fork to the south of Narbonne links the A61 motorway (Toulouse - Narbonne, South of France) to the A9 motorway (Perpignan - Orange).

This section is subject to heavy traffic, particularly when many departing or returning holidaymakers are on the move, which often leads to congestion.

VINCI Autoroutes is currently upgrading this motorway node, the aim being to improve safety by making it easier to switch from one of these extremely busy motorways to the other. The works are also an opportunity to think of the environment: a total of five retention basins will be created.

Measures to protect the environment on this project account for 10% of the total investment being made by VINCI Autoroutes (€26m).

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