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Dominique Muller Joly-Pottuz

Dominique Muller Joly-Pottuz

Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats des Mitarbeiterbeteiligungsfonds FCPE Castor, Leiterin der Versicherungsabteilung, VINCI Construction France

Director since: 2019
Current appointment ends: SGM 2023
Number of VINCI shares held: 0 at 31/12/2018
Age: 57

In unlisted companies or other structures
Appointments and other positions held at 31/12/2018
Member of the Supervisory Board of FCPE Castor and secretary to the Social and Economic Committee of VINCI Construction France.

Appointments and other positions that have expired during the last five financial years

After completing a Masters degree in private law, majoring in international law, Dominique Muller Joly-Pottuz joined the VINCI Group in April 1991. She held the positions of head of construction claims at Ascop (Générale des Eaux’s in-house brokerage) until 2000, and then claims and coverage selection at VINCI Assurances until October 2006. She has been head of insurance at VINCI Construction France since that date.

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