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Board of directors

Ana Paula Pessoa

Ana Paula Pessoa

Chairwoman and Chief Strategy Officer, Kunumi AI (Brazil)

Director since: 2015
Current appointment ends: SGM 2023
Number of VINCI shares held: 1,000 at 31/12/2020
Age: 53
Director considered independent by the Board of Directors.

Outside the VINCI Group in listed companies
Appointments and other positions held at 31/12/2020
- Independent Director of News Corporation (United States) and member of its Audit Committee
- Independent Director of Credit Suisse Group AG and member of its Audit Committee, its Innovation and Technology Committee and its Conduct and Financial Crime Control Committee
- Independent Director of Suzano Pulp and Paper (Brazil) and Chairman of its Audit Committee

Appointments and other positions that have expired during the last five financial years
Independent Director of Aegea Saneamento SA (São Paulo) and member of its Finance and Investment Committee.

In unlisted companies or other structures
Appointments and other positions held at 31/12/2020
- Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of Kunumi AI
- Member of the Global Advisory Council to the President of Stanford University
- Member of the Advisory Board of The Nature Conservancy (Brazil)
- Member of the Audit Committee of the Roberto Marinho Foundation
- Member of the Board of the Stanford University Brazil Association (SUBA)
- Member of the Advisory Board of Instituto Atlântico de Gobierno (Spain)

Appointments and other positions that have expired during the last five financial years
- Chairman of the Board of Directors of Neemu Internet SA
- Member of the Consulting Board of the Rio de Janeiro City Council

Ana Paula Pessoa graduated from Stanford University with a BA in economics and international relations and an MA in economic development. She worked for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in New York and in Benin from 1988 to 1990. Mrs Pessoa returned to Brazil in 1993 and joined Globo Organizations where she stayed for 18 years, occupying several positions in telecommunications, cable and satellite TV, print media, radio and newspapers. From 2001 to 2011, she was Chief Financial Officer and Innovation Director of Infoglobo, the largest newspaper group in South America. In 2011, Mrs Pessoa founded BlackKey Investments and invested in Neemu Internet, a leader in search and recommendation technology for e-commerce, which was sold in August 2015 to Linx SA, Brazil’s largest retail software house. In 2012, she opened the Brazil office of Brunswick Group, a strategic communications company, where she was managing partner for over three years. Mrs Pessoa was Chief Financial Officer of the Organising Committee for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games from September 2015 to March 2017. Currently, she is Chairman of Kunumi AI, a leading artificial intelligence company, where she also serves as Chief Strategy Officer.

Last updated: 08/04/2021