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Sustainability in brief

The environmental ambition

VINCI’S environmental transition plan

In this context of climate emergency, the environment is VINCI’s strategic priority. The Group tackles it with the aim of playing an active role in the ecological transition of built environment, infrastructure and mobility. In its role as holder of transport infrastructure concessions and its construction and installation activities, it offers public and private clients solutions, infrastructure and buildings that can help reduce the impact of human activity on the environment. The way the Group carries out its business as global integrator and concession holder prompts it to integrate the life cycle of infrastructure in its activities and foster a sustainable approach to projects.

Respect for rights

Foster inclusive growth

Promoting sustainability, by being a responsible employer, partnering regional growth, respecting human rights and guaranteeing safety for everyone working on our construction and operation sites, is a key commitment for VINCI.

Extra-financial rating

Extra-financial rating

Vigeo Eiris 2020 Secteur Heavy Construction
"Best In Class"

CDP Carbon

CDP Water

CDP Forests

L'importance de la performance globale pour VINCI

The importance of all-round performance for VINCI

At VINCI, this notion of all-round performance has been the cornerstone of our Group culture for years. We’ve enshrined it, so to speak, in what we call our Manifesto, which you’ll see at all our worksites, concessions, companies and business units, in every business line and everywhere we operate – and we’re operating in about 120 countries. So it’s a universal document – you could call it a universal declaration of stakeholders’ rights – where we state our commitments to them regarding our corporate social and environmental responsibility. I can tell you, because I’ve seen it countless times on the ground, that this idea of all-round performance resonates with our teams everywhere: around the world, even in the countries where we would least expect, I have seen how proud our employees are to be part of a group that openly takes a stand on its all-round responsibility, commits to it and, especially, a group that supports its teams’ own initiatives on all these fronts.

Xavier Huillard,
Chairman and CEO, VINCI

Ethical first

Respecting ethical principles

VINCI has adopted a stronger framework so that all its employees can contribute effectively to the Group’s integrity and transparency requirements.

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Extract from the VINCI annual report and workforce-related, environmental, social information and duty of vilance plan

Isabelle Spiegel

Isabelle Spiegel, Global head of environmentGlobal head of environment
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Sarah Tesei

Sarah Tesei, Director of Corporate Social ResponsibilityDirector of Corporate Social Responsibility
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Thierry Covelo

Thierry CoveloHR Development and Diversity Director
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Mireille Sbrugnera

Mireille SbrugneraChief Ethics and Vigilance Officer
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