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Support the momentum of a robust, high-potential business model

Choosing to be a VINCI shareholder means investing in a share with sound growth thanks to the fit between its Concessions and Contracting businesses. It means participating in the growth of a Group that uses its robust financial position to expand internationally.

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Participate in the growth of a group committed to innovation

As a VINCI shareholder, you are supporting a group committed to open innovation, in partnership with the players in its ecosystem, with the aim of identifying new sources of value creation by integrating the diversity of its expertise into comprehensive solutions to meet the major challenges of the future: urban development, mobility and energy efficiency.

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Benefit from the growth of a group

As a VINCI shareholder, you benefit from an attractive and steady dividend policy consisting of distributing around 50% of its consolidated net income.
Our dividend policy is one of our top priorities, along with our all-round vision of performance: at VINCI, success is not measured by technical or economic performance alone. Real success is the success VINCI shares with its shareholders, customers, partners, employees and society at large.

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Invest in a private-sector partner whose projects are in the public interest

As a VINCI shareholder, you will be supporting a group whose goal is to build long-term value.
Because VINCI is a private-sector partner whose projects are in the public interest, it devises solutions for the wellbeing of all and ensures these are the most efficient in terms of saving resources.
Our pragmatic growth policy seeks to reduce the environmental impact of our projects and optimise the socioeconomic benefits of our business activities for people and regions.