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Buying and selling VINCI shares

How to place an order?

• To purchase VINCI shares, you need an account with a financial intermediary: bank, post office, Caisse d’Epargne, AMF-approved portfolio management company, treasury accountant or investment firm.
• To place an order to purchase or sell VINCI securities, you must send it by mail, fax, telephone or Internet to your financial intermediary holding your account, who will transmit it for execution on the stock market.

NB:Your order must be submitted via a financial intermediary; under no circumstances can you carry out transactions directly on the stock market.
All transactions are subject to a stock market tax of 0.3% of the gross amount for transactions of less than €153,000 and 0.15% above that value, with a deduction of €23 per transaction and a maximum tax of €610. In addition, your financial intermediary will invoice you for brokerage fees.

Price-based order types

Limited price order
Limited price order
This is the most widely used type of order because it enables the purchaser to control the execution cost. The order may not be executed above a given price for a buy order or below a given price for a sell order.

Best price order
This order has no specific price limit. It is filled at the best buy or sell price available when the order reaches the market, based on limited price orders of opposite sign in the central market order book.

Market order
This is an order to buy or sell without specifying a price limit. The order will be filled in whole and as a priority at the opening price following its arrival in the trading system.

Trigger price order
In this case, the operator takes action when a given price is reached, i.e. the order has a specified price limit, at which point it becomes a market order.

Exceeding thresholds

Shareholders must notify the company and the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) in the event that certain VINCI shareholding or voting rights thresholds are exceeded. There are two types of threshold:

Legal thresholds
any shareholder owning a number of shares representing over 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 33,33%, 50%, 66,66%, 90%, 95% of the capital or voting rights must notify the company and the AMF of the total number of shares or voting rights in his/her possession

VINCI thresholds
In addition to the legal disclosure requirement, any shareholder who owns or sells a fraction of the capital or voting rights equivalent to 1%* or more of the capital, or who has a multiple of that fraction, must notify VINCI within 5 days* of exceeding one of those thresholds.