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Shareholders have as many votes as they have shares with voting rights (one VINCI share = one vote).
People who are unable to attend a shareholders meeting in person can choose to vote in one of three ways identified on the notice form:

New! Vote by Internet until 15.00 on 8 April 2020

Holders of registered shares:
Access the voting site

Holders of bearer shares:
Connect to your bank’s website and follow the instruction given on line.

By voting form, until 6 April 2020

Download the instructions (PDF file 500 Kb)

I. Postal voting
Black out the box “Vote by post”

II. Proxy to the Chairman
You can give a proxy to the Chairman by dating and signing the combined proxy/postal voting form without filling in anything else.

III. Proxy to a spouse, civil partner or another shareholder
To give a proxy to a third party, black out the relevant box and give the full name of the person you wish to appoint.

Last updated: 26/02/2020