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To attend a shareholders meeting, you must be a VINCI shareholder before the date of the meeting. The intention to hold a shareholders meeting is announced several weeks beforehand on VINCI’s website, in the French bulletin of compulsory legal notices (at least 30 days before the date of the meeting) and by a notice published in the press.

Holders of registered shares

You will receive a Notice of Meeting at least two weeks before the meeting. It will include:

- The agenda for the Shareholders’ General Meeting;
- The summary report covering changes in the Group’s revenue and income for 2018 and the parent company’s results for the past five years;
- The presentation of the draft resolutions and the draft resolutions submitted for the approval of the Shareholders’ General Meeting;
- A combined proxy/postal voting form and request for an admission card;
- A pre-paid reply envelope for returning your form, duly completed, dated and signed to:

Crédit Industriel et Commercial – CIC
6 avenue de Provence
75452 Paris Cedex 09 - France

Holders of bearer shares

You must request it through your financial intermediary, who will also provide you with a share ownership certificate so that you can attend and vote at the Shareholders’ General Meeting. Without that certificate, your votes will not be taken into account and you will not be able to obtain an admission card to participate in the Meeting. On receipt of the share ownership certificate from your financial intermediary, send it to:

Crédit Industriel et Commercial – CIC
6 avenue de Provence
75452 Paris Cedex 09 - France

who will send you an admission card. Alternatively, if you want to vote by post and/or give a proxy, attach it to your combined proxy/postal voting form.

Last updated: 26/02/2020