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The input of the experts on society

VINCI invites you to meet the thinkers behind our business, our commitments and the transformation of the world.


July 2022 – We met Delphine Horvilleur, a woman rabbi and philosopher, who was at VINCI to share her views on the foundations underpinning humanity in a world that is navigating transformation.

Here is an excerpt where Delphine Horvilleur gives us a rather unexpected take on the notion of crisis, drawing on ancient texts.


“Nothing went as planned”; who hasn’t uttered those fateful words at one point or another to express confusion after a series of unforeseen developments and admit things didn’t turn out as they hoped?

Doctor of cognitive neuroscience Albert Moukheiber explains what happens in our brains when we make mistakes. 


June 2021 - The French High Council on Climate has published its 2020 annual report, and we met Magali Reghezza, a geographer who heads the training centre on environment and society at École Normale Supérieure.

 Given the speed of climate change, and the fact that widespread concern is not necessarily translating into resources to take action, we asked her which two pillars a group such as VINCI should build on to prepare for this unprecedented acceleration in the history of climate. 

Natacha VALLA

If trust in currency is the bedrock of society, what happens when a crisis or digital technology make us question what we know.

Natacha Valla is an economist and dean of the management and innovation school at the prestigious Sciences Po university. In this video, we ask her how digital currencies are shaking up monetary policy.


The third wave of Covid-19 swept across France in March 2020, prompting new lockdowns in a number of areas.
We asked Jérôme Fourquet, who heads the Opinion and Corporate Strategy department at Ifop, an opinion poll and market research company, about the supposed exodus from large to medium-sized cities that the health crisis is believed to have set in motion.

Is this a new trend or a deeper-seated shift that is gaining traction? Will population concentration in large cities lose momentum as a result? Which areas stand to gain from the new aspirations in French society?

Étienne KLEIN

The pandemic has plunged the world into a crisis that is sparking questions in every layer of society. Scientists’ insights, at the same time, are being mishandled, disputed and controverted. “Truth”, some say, is a matter of opinion.
We asked Etienne Klein, a philosopher of science, if in the era of social networks and alternative facts it is still possible to reconcile public opinion with science, and if progress can forego truth.

Last updated: 18/07/2022