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To support our international development

As an international company, VINCI employs a large number of people on our sites and in our businesses, whether by recruiting them directly or through our subcontractors. While the institutional context and working environment can vary markedly from one country to another, we have a duty everywhere to observe the rights of those persons and of local communities that might be affected by our projects and activities.
Thus, as early as 2003, the Group voluntarily took the step of signing the United Nations Global Compact, whereby it undertakes to support and promote human rights in its sphere of influence. In 2013, VINCI developed a handbook on fundamental social rights.

A framework document prepared jointly with the Group’s business divisions

VINCI’s companies operate in a growing number of countries. Therefore, we decided to formalize a more specific joint commitment, named VINCI’s guidelines on human rights. They constitute a direct extension of the VINCI Manifesto, which covers all aspects of our corporate responsibility.
VINCI’s guidelines have been carried out by the Group’s network of Human Resources Departments and business divisions. This collective thinking has resulted in the identification of the main risks associated with human rights and the principles and behaviour to be adopted to prevent such risks.

A progressive approach

The formalization of these guidelines must be understood not as a coercive but as a progressive approach. Consequently, a document has been produced and it can change over time. Furthermore, it has been submitted to employee representative bodies for consultation.
VINCI’s Guide on human rights gathers VINCI’s guidelines for the five areas identified (see diagram) and addresses the concept of due diligence, in line with the underlying trend towards the strengthening of ethical principles.

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