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Through its Manifesto, VINCI has been committed to green growth for many years. In 2019, driven by its Executive Committee, VINCI initiated a programme to set new environmental goals that will involve all business lines and require strong engagement from all employees.

Environmental governance

Implementation of VINCI’s environmental ambition is built on the commitments made by its Executive Committee and taken up by each business line, on the empowerment of all operational staff within Group companies, as well as on open dialogue with national, European and international public authorities and environmental protection organisations.

The Group’s Environment Committee, overseen by VINCI SA with representatives from each business line, coordinates the Group’s environmental actions. The committee brings a response to global environmental issues by defining the components of VINCI’s environmental ambition and by leading cross-business projects, while ensuring that Group companies take adequate steps to adapt measures to their local context. In parallel, several working groups have been set up, comprising operational experts from each business line. These include the Biodiversity Task Force and the Circular Economy group, along with special focus groups created to implement climate change action plans.

The operational departments coordinate and ensure the application of VINCI’s updated environmental ambition in all aspects of day-to-day work. They draw on a worldwide network of over 500 correspondents who are in charge of managing environmental risks, developing initiatives to protect the environment and supporting all efforts to deliver on the new ambition.

Environmental training and awareness

For the implementation of its environmental ambition, the Group relies on keen awareness and engagement in environmental issues from all VINCI employees.

Environmental awareness campaigns are conducted by all VINCI companies and environmental modules are included increasingly in existing training courses (works, studies, operations, etc.). Awareness is proactively promoted at worksites among employees, temporary staff and subcontractors with weekly 15-minute environment sessions. This initiative has been rolled out across all activities in the Contracting business in France. Engineering and design teams are also trained in the eco-design of structures.
A training programme to support the rollout of the Group’s new environmental ambition is currently in development.

Environmental certification

VINCI encourages Group companies to work towards obtaining environmental certifications such as ISO 14001 with a view to validating and improving the performance of their environmental management systems. VINCI companies have tried-and-true experience of projects with certification (including HQE, BREEAM® and LEED®). In addition, several Group companies have created their own environmental labels enabling them to protect their worksite environment while highlighting the value of employee engagement (e.g. Eurovia’s Environmental Excellence label).

Last updated: 13/07/2020