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Code of ethics and conduct

In a decentralised group that hires several thousand new employees every year, it was important to formally set out the rules of conduct that apply to all our companies and all our employees. This is the purpose of the Code of Ethics and Conduct published by VINCI in 2010. The rules it contains are not new. They are regularly included in the general guidelines sent to the heads of VINCI's business lines.

Each business line has taken steps to ensure compliance by means of a system of internal controls. These rules are circulated to all levels of management in the operational entities, and in particular to each new manager taking up his or her duties.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct spells out these rules for all our employees and for all our outside partners. They have been approved by the VINCI Executive Committee.

Correspondent for Ethics

VINCI has also appointed a Correspondent for Ethics to work with the operational and functional departments to ensure that this Code is understood and taken on board.

Any employee who encounters difficulties or has questions about the scope and implementation of these rules may consult the Correspondent directly and confidentially.