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Cobra IS

Cobra IS operates in approximately 65 countries worldwide, with a notable presence in Spain (its domestic market), Portugal, and various regions across Latin America. Renowned for its expertise in applied industrial engineering, the company offers specialized services across a diverse spectrum of sectors including energy, industry, telecommunications, and mobility. With a commitment to fostering close partnerships with its clients, Cobra IS primarily focuses on small to medium-sized recurring operations, constituting most of its business volume. Moreover, driven by a robust entrepreneurial ethos, the company actively engages in large-scale Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects, primarily within the energy sector, managing all phases from design and construction to maintenance and operation. Noteworthy is Cobra IS's proficiency in developing, constructing, and financing projects linked to energy and environmental transition, aligning seamlessly with the overarching business model and strategic vision of the VINCI Group.

Key figures 2023

€6,495 M


Operations in
65 countries

30,000 km
of transmission lines installed by Cobra IS in Brazil in the past 20 years

Cobra IS is one of the world's leading contractors with the greatest capacity to provide services and infrastructure construction thanks to the technical excellence of its companies and employees.

Investment in assets linked to energy and environmental transition

The expansion of energy solutions is one of the main priorities of Cobra IS's business strategy. The aim is to promote and develop renewable energy projects worldwide to foster environmental sustainability and create long-term value for society and investors.


Cobra IS is one of the leading global contractors in the design, engineering, supply and construction of electricity distribution lines and all types of gas, water and communications infrastructures and services, with more than 80 years of experience. In Spain, it is one of the leading companies in the management and maintenance of public lighting, contributing to the improvement of safety, quality of life and the development of cities.

Specialised installations and maintenance

The company has a solid track record in the integrated management of projects that require a specific specialisation, carrying out all the activities of construction, installation and maintenance of high-voltage electrical networks, air conditioning installations, mechanical and naval assembly, railway installations and the integrated maintenance of all types of infrastructures, industry and building.

Integrated Projects

In the integrated projects business, Cobra IS has a strong reputation in the global market as an EPC contractor for renewable projects in Spain and South America and is one of the leading companies in the construction of large transmission lines and associated substations. The company carries out the design, engineering, supply and construction of transmission lines, projects related to the energy sector and offshore industry, as well as the construction of large buildings.

Control Systems

Cobra IS has subsidiaries that are a reference in the integration and supply of traffic control/tunneling systems, as well as in the management of all urban and interurban intelligent transport systems and smart city projects, applying the latest technologies.

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