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The environmental ambition

Environmental ambition

VINCI’s business activities are linked directly to the challenges of green growth. Its companies are working to limit the environmental impact of their activities. They are developing products and services that help to reduce both the quantity of materials used for works and the energy consumption of the structures they create, as well as protect biodiversity.

Being responsible

Being a responsible employer

VINCI is committed to promoting inclusive workplaces, to providing training and mobility opportunities for all its employees, and to sharing the benefits of its performance with them, in order to support long-term employability.

Respect for rights

Respect for human rights

VINCI is committed to preventing breaches of human rights and to raising employment and working standards in the countries where it operates. The Group’s human rights risk prevention policy is communicated in VINCI’s Guide on Human Rights. It provides an overview of the issues identified and their implications for the Group’s companies, and presents a shared set of guidelines, indicating the specific approaches to be adopted with respect to 5 main issues and 17 themes.

Partner for cities and regions

Acting as a partner of cities and regions

VINCI is committed to contributing to economic development and social cohesion in cities and regions. It is doing so in three ways, principally: promoting local jobs, providing professional integration programmes for people at risk of exclusion, and supporting social and economic initiatives.

Extra-financial rating

Extra-financial rating

Vigeo 2019 Secteur Heavy Construction
"Best In Class"

ETHIBEL Sustainability index (ESI)
Excellence Europe

CDP Carbon

CDP Water

Safety first

Guaranteeing Safety

Due to the nature of its business activities, guaranteeing optimal safety for its employees is a key issue for VINCI. Achieving zero accidents remains the Group’s priority in this area. Reiterated in VINCI’s Manifesto, the goal applies to all individuals – employees, temporary staff or subcontractors – working on a VINCI worksite or site under operation.

Ethical first

Respecting ethical principles

VINCI has adopted a stronger framework so that all its employees can contribute effectively to the Group’s integrity and transparency requirements.

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Extract from the VINCI annual report and workforce-related, environmental, social information and duty of vilance plan

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