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Collaborative innovation

VINCI waves the flag for collaborative innovation

VINCI embarks on the path of open innovation, through multiple partnerships with the players in its ecosystem – young entrepreneurs in particular. Proposing new services for users of its infrastructure, optimising the performance of its business activities and worksites, or integrating new technology bricks into its business solutions – many challenges await the Group and its entities as they speed up their digital transformation.

VINCI has been promoting collaborative innovation for several years already, resulting in numerous initiatives. The Fabrique de la Cité, a think-tank created by the Group, coordinates forward-looking thinking about urban transitions, while the "Eco-Design of Buildings and Infrastructure" Chair, founded in partnership with ParisTech and three of its engineering schools, develops new concepts and tools that are then trialled on certain worksites or integrated into the Group's business solutions.

These initiatives all have a shared goal: to speed up innovation over the whole value-creation chain by capitalising, in a wide range of domains, on outside expertise and in some cases trialling innovations with users under real-life conditions.

A great many Group entities are keen to participate in and support these projects, in different ways.



In concessions, the goal is to develop new services aimed at enhancing users' experience and infrastructure performance. Many projects are therefore supported, including:
- Eiver, which rewards responsible mobility practices by matching them with commercial advantages (VINCI Autoroutes).
- Business in the Air, which puts business passengers awaiting their flight in contact with each other (VINCI Airports).
- Lineberty, which provides more fluid access to stadiums and reduces waiting time at snack bars using a virtual queue system (VINCI Stadium).


Optimising production and providing customers with innovative solutions is the goal behind many collaborative ventures, with a number of projects now under way:
- Companies benefit from the start-up accelerator developed as part of the partnership between the Open Innovation Institute and divisions of the Group's contracting business;
- Companies specialising in robotics, electronics and IT work as part of the Eurovia Research Centre in Mérignac.
- A start-up created by VINCI Energies works on mobility-related solutions, connected objects and big data – it is celebrating its first anniversary in the Euratechnologies incubator in Lille.