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Eco-design and sustainable cities

The City Factory

The City Factory, created by VINCI, is a forward-looking discussion group comprising public and private players from all backgrounds who are involved at the topmost level in urban development and mobility issues.


The City Factory is a multi-disciplinary forum in which different points of view, experience and visions can be compared and discussed.


The City Factory organises its work around three main avenues of research :
· Sustainable mobility
· Urban planning
· The city as a living and social space


These three themes are examined in seminars and morning debates in France and elsewhere. The ideas emerging from these meetings are then published in the form of minutes and reports.


The City Factory also promotes publication of studies and research through partnerships with elite colleges and universities, such as Sciences Po Paris. In 2013, the main topics addressed concerned value creation for cities (Stockholm seminar), the role of culture in the city’s transformation (Marseille seminar), and infrastructure funding mechanisms (Paris seminar).


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