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Research and development

Research and development

Our research and development policy focuses on the major issues at the heart of the Group’s business activities:

· Urban expansion;
· Energy performancee;
· Infrastructure sustainability;
· Eco-design ;
· New mobility services.


It is headed by an international committee that brings together the science and technical heads of the various business lines. It is invested with three main tasks:

· Develop technically, economically and environmentally efficient products, processes and constructive solutions;
· Facilitate exchange between business lines and develop collaborative work;
· Consolidate the participative innovation culture among all employees.


With a €51 million budget in 2013 (up 57% in five years) and research teams totalling 245 people (full-time equivalent), VINCI is a sector leader in research and development.


In 2013, the Group was involved in about 50 research programmes and 13 competitiveness clusters, notably the Advancity cluster specialising in the sustainable city and mobility. It patented 38 new inventions, bringing its worldwide active patent portfolio to 1,777.