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R&D and Innovation

Eco-design and sustainable cities

The partnership between VINCI and three ParisTech schools that led in 2008 to the creation of the Eco-design of Buildings and Infrastructure Chair was renewed in 2013 for a further five years.

In 2013, the main topics addressed by the Fabrique de la Cité concerned value creation for cities, the role of culture in the city’s transformation, and infrastructure funding mechanisms.

VINCI 2017 Innovation Awards

Collective innovation

VINCI organises the VINCI Innovation Awards every two years. The competition is designed to showcase and speed up application of initiatives implemented by its employees on the ground. For the 2015 edition, a first student innovation challenge was organised in parallel with the in-house participative innovation programme. This year, for the first time, the VINCI Innovation Awards competition is open to students (and recent graduates) from all over the world, who are invited to set up teams and innovate for the city of tomorrow.

VINCI waves the flag for collaborative innovation

VINCI embarks on the path of open innovation, through multiple partnerships with the players in its ecosystem – young entrepreneurs in particular. Proposing new services for users of its infrastructure, optimising the performance of its business activities and worksites, or integrating new technology bricks into its business solutions – many challenges await the Group and its entities as they speed up their digital transformation.