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Yves-Thibault de Silguy

Yves-Thibault de Silguy

Vizepräsident des Verwaltungsrats

Mitglied des Verwaltungsrats seit : 2000
Ende des aktuellen Mandats: HV 2022
Zahl der von VINCI gehaltenen Eigenaktien: 45.696 zum 31. 12. 2019
Alter: 71 Jahre

Mandate in Unternehmen des VINCI-Konzerns
Zum 31. 12. 2019 ausgeübte Mandate
Permanent representative of VINCI on the Board of Directors of ASF

In den letzten fünf Geschäftsjahren ausgelaufene Mandate

Mandate in konzernfremden börsennotierten Unternehmen
Zum 31. 12. 2019 ausgeübte Mandate
- Director of LVMH, Chairman of its Performance Audit Committee and its Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee, and member of its Nominations and Compensation Committee
- Member of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee of VTB Bank (Russia – listed on the London Stock Exchange)

In den letzten fünf Geschäftsjahren ausgelaufene Mandate
Director of Solvay (Belgium), Chairman of its Nomination Committee and member of both its Compensation Committee and its Finance Committee

Mandate in nicht börsennotierten Unternehmen oder sonstigen Organisationen
Zum 31. 12. 2019 ausgeübte Mandate
- Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sofisport
- Managing Director of YTSeuropaconsultants
- Vice-Chairman of Medef International (the international branch of the French employers’ organisation) and Chairman of the France-Iran committee of Medef International

In den letzten fünf Geschäftsjahren ausgelaufene Mandate
- Trustee of the IASC Foundation
- Member of the Conseil des Affaires Etrangères (Foreign Affairs Council)
- Member of the Boards of Directors of the Fondation Monoprix and the Fondation du Collège de France
- Managing Partner of Ysilop Consulting SARL
- Member of the Supervisory Board of VTB Bank France

Weitere Sachkompetenzen und berufliche Erfahrung
Yves-Thibault de Silguy has a degree in law from the Université de Rennes, a Masters degree in public law, and is a graduate of the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris, public service section, and the École Nationale d’Administration. From 1976 to 1981, he worked at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for the European Commission from 1981 to 1985. He then worked at the French Embassy in Washington as a Counsellor (economic affairs) from 1985 to 1986. From 1986 to 1988, Mr de Silguy was an adviser in the Prime Minister’s office with responsibility for European affairs and international economic and financial affairs. From 1988 to 1993, he headed the international affairs department of the Usinor Sacilor Group, before being named its Director for International Affairs. From 1993 to 1995, he was Secretary-General of the Interdepartmental Committee for Questions of Economic Cooperation in Europe and at the same time, adviser for European affairs and vice-sherpa in the Prime Minister’s office, assisting in the preparation of summits of the industrialised nations. From 1995 to 1999, Mr de Silguy was European Commissioner responsible for economic, monetary and financial affairs. From 2000 to 2005, he was Chairman of Medef’s European Policy Committee. In January 2000, he became a member of the Executive Board of Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux, then served as Chief Executive Officer of Suez from 2001 to 2003. He was then Executive Vice-President of Suez from 2003 until June 2006. Mr de Silguy was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of VINCI on 1 June 2006 and resigned from all his appointments at Suez. On 6 May 2010, he was appointed Vice-Chairman of VINCI and Lead Director of the Board. Since October 2018, he has been Vice-Chairman of VINCI.

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