Stakeholder relations

VINCI's Purchasing policy

In 2013, purchasing represented 61% of the VINCI Group’s revenue. This broke down into €9.5 billion for purchases of materials and €15.1 billion for external services, including subcontracting.

VINCI continues to build lasting, well-balanced relations with its suppliers and subcontractors.

The purchasing strategy is based on three elements: an optimised supplier selection process, strategic partnerships and sustainable development.

This policy is overseen at Group level by the Purchasing Coordination department in collaboration, at operational level, with the purchasing organisations of the business lines and subsidiaries. It is implemented by the purchasing network, in particular through decentralised purchasing committees or clubs in the different French regions and countries where VINCI has operations.

In 2013, in addition to the framework agreements specific to the business lines and subsidiaries, over 800 cross-business framework agreements covering France, Europe or the world were made available to VINCI companies.

VINCI completed the listing of driverless site equipment rental companies. All the companies were assessed and then audited according to the following criteria:
· safety and accident prevention
· environment
· investment capacity
· business ethics.

The Group also finalised two consultation processes to include sustainable development criteria when purchasing business trips and multifunction photocopiers.