Sustainable development

VINCI's Purchasing policy

In 2012, purchases totalled 60% of the Group’s revenue. They consisted of €9,43 billion for materials and €14,85 billion for external services, including subcontracting. VINCI pursued its policy of working to establish balanced and sustainable relationships with its suppliers and subcontractors.

During the year, the Group reaffirmed its intention to measure and take into account human resources, community and environmental factors in the overall value chain.

This policy is overseen jointly at Group and operational levels by the central purchasing coordination unit and the purchasing departments of business lines and subsidiaries. It is implemented by the purchasing network, in particular through decentralised purchasing clubs in France and the various countries where VINCI operates. In addition to the framework contracts signed by business lines and subsidiaries with their suppliers, over 800 national, European and global cross-business framework contracts have been signed to meet the multiple procurement requirements of Group companies.

In September 2012, a national convention bringing together the members of all Group purchasing networks was held in Chantilly in the Greater Paris area to clarify VINCI’s purchasing strategy in relation to three areas: an optimised supplier selection process, strategic partnerships and sustainable development. This triennial event provided an opportunity to enhance internal communication, share best practices and promote a proactive approach for the integration of workforce-related, environmental and social criteria.
A supplier charter explicitly describing overall performance commitments has been developed in order to communicate VINCI’s expectations to its partners and reaffirm the need for compliance with the 10 principles of the UN’s Global Compact. This document is currently being distributed to all Group suppliers. Complementing its own internal procedures, VINCI has signed the Charte des Relations Inter-Entreprises, developed by a special task force made up of French government representatives and members of the Compagnie des Dirigeants et Acheteurs de France (CDAF, the French industrial buyers association), as a further demonstration of its commitment to good conduct in client-supplier relations. Some 305 French companies have signed this charter since it was launched by the CDAF in February 2010 with the aim of promoting fair practices and improving relations between major clients and SMEs. Within the Group, VINCI Construction’s Purchasing Department has obtained ISO 9001 certification.