Social responsibility

VINCI's health and safety policy

VINCI's overriding priority is to meet its goal of Zero Accidents. This goal applies to Group employees, temporary personnel, and the employees of joint contractors and subcontractors working on its sites.

VINCI's H&S policy:
· anticipate and prevent workplace health and safety risks, including harassment and psychosocial risks;
· ensure that working conditions are safe and healthy, and that they pose no risk to workers’ wellbeing;
· ensure that alternative employment is offered to employees who suffer workplace accidents or work-related illness.

Group-wide, the frequency of lost-time accidents has fallen from 11.59 to 7.77 since 2008, and the severity rate has been reduced from 0.64 to 0.5.

In the space of five years, the percentage of Group companies achieving Zero Accidents rose from 46% to 66%, a 43% improvement.