Sustainable development

VINCI Foundation for the Community

Acting as a link between the world's leading construction and concessions group and the non-profit sector, the VINCI Foundation has been supporting community projects since 2002. It does this by supporting community organisations in regions where it can rely on the long-term engagement and professionalism of Group employees. To date, the VINCI Foundation has supported more than 800 projects.

Promoting access to employment
The VINCI Foundation supports initiatives that promote professional integration of people excluded from society, initiatives that help them acquire training and qualifications or provide them with transport, an essential prerequisite for finding and keeping a job.

Building better communities
Many non-profit organisations have been working for years to make social cohesion a reality. The VINCI Foundation supports primarily those whose end-purpose is to raise young people's awareness of good citizenship, encourage the most isolated people to reintegrate into society and give particularly disadvantaged people access to housing.

Human and financial support
The VINCI Foundation provides a framework for employees to volunteer their expertise for the different projects selected – a human partnership that is part of a long-term approach. Each project also receives financial support for investment purposes.

Encouraging social innovation
Whether work-integration social enterprise or project, mobility service, neighbourhood development committee, community restaurant or café, the VINCI Foundation takes an interest in all kinds of innovative social projects.Each project is regularly monitored and assessed, with the aim of measuring the global impact of the help provided by the VINCI Foundation and enhancing the support we offer to organisations involved in community initiatives.

For more information :VINCI Foundation annual report

The House of Hope (Penang, Malaysia)
In 2006, a group of activists involved in distributing food to the very poor in Penang, Malaysia, set up a non-profit organisation called Ora Malaysia Berhad. Their aim was to create a structure able to support people in their search for better living conditions. And so was born the House of Hope. Located in a former factory rehabilitated by Freyssinet (VINCI Construction), the entire Freyssinet staff quickly became involved in the project. Employees joined in the work to build the centre and the company organised a water jousting tournament (Paddle for Hope) to raise money.
Today, the House of Hope offers assistance to the most needy people in the area: social support, help with administrative and healthcare paperwork, out-of-hours school support and activities for children as well as ad hoc financial assistance. A number of key services have been established, including basic food supplies and drop-in childcare to enable single mothers to remain in employment. The organisation provided social support to 150 children and 60 families during 2009.
Thanks to a €19,500 grant from the VINCI Foundation in 2009, the organisation was able to purchase a minibus which it uses to transport people to government offices, doctors, sports centres,...