Sustainable development

Environmental training

VINCI ensures that employees are aware of the environmental aspects of each project.
In 2012, an average of 16 hours of training per employee was provided within the Group, with managers receiving 20 hours and non-managers 15. Almost €167 million was spent on training in 2012; 3 million hours of training (up 7% relative to 2011) were devoted to technical and health and safety matters. In 2012, environment training increased almost 5%, and diversity training more than 45%. VINCI’s goal is to foster the professional development of all its employees by providing each of them with personalised training. This goal was confirmed in 2012, when 116,484 ; employees received training.
Outside France, VINCI Construction Grands Projets provides in-depth environmental awareness-raising at the start of 56% of its projects.

Through 15-minute environment sessions on building sites and discussions about climate change, VINCI informs its employees of the impact their work has on the environment and how they can reduce it.

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