Environmental training

All VINCI companies make efforts to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Environmental training hours remain stable at about 43,000, having more than doubled in the space of six years (up 107%). Environmental training is increasingly incorporated into existing courses (works, studies, operations, etc.). Awareness is proactively promoted at worksites among employees, temporary staff and subcontractors with weekly “15-minute environment sessions”. This initiative has been rolled out across all activities in the Contracting business in France and is being developed abroad.

For example, in 2013 VINCI Construction Terrassement led 158 awareness campaigns in the form of 15-minute training sessions on waste, clean-up, invasive species, etc. Research teams are trained in eco-design. More than 100 Soletanche Freyssinet employees were trained on how to use PRISM software, which evaluates the environmental impacts of projects through life cycle analysis.

Environmental Training and Awareness - AR2013 (PDF file 42 Ko)