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Rueil-Malmaison, 18 January 2008

Press release

When fashion gatecrash VINCI Construction's building sites

The precursor of a new style on its building sites, VINCI Construction France has launched a clothing
revolution for its employees with the presentation of a line under the Timberland Pro label.

VINCI Construction France’s 2008 collection consists in a line of clothing and multi-use site accessories. They blend elegance, safety, comfort and modernity around a complete winter and summer range: parkas, jackets, t-shirts, trousers, bodywarmers, belts and bags.

To design this collection, VINCI Construction France has called upon partners boasting experience in the field of outdoor activities (Timberland France) and expertise in protective clothing (Sperian Protection).

VINCI Construction France’s ambitious brief for the Timberland Pro clothing line was to design work clothes that were casual but adapted to everyday life by striking a balance between the functional and technical requirements of construction & civil engineering business lines and the commitment to enhancing the everyday appearance of employees.

“Providing our employees with a line of work clothes that is fashionable while adapted to their daily work environment is also a way to help them feel proud about their work and enhance the image of our business lines outside building sites”, said Jean Rossi, the senior executive vice-president of VINCI Construction France.


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