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VINCI Construction


VINCI Construction, France’s leading construction company and a major global player, brings together 792 consolidated companies with 68,000 employees in some 100 countries.

“Attentive to our clients and strongly rooted in our areas, we strive for excellence in the design and construction of sustainable structures throughout the world.”

It delivers a comprehensive array of capabilities in building, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering and contracting-related specialities. VINCI Construction’s business consists of three components that form an excellent strategic fit.

A network of local subsidiaries:
- in France: VINCI Construction France, VINCI Construction France, comprising 427 profit centres with strong regional roots in metropolitan France, and VINCI Construction Dom-Tom, comprising around 30 local subsidiaries in French overseas territories;
- outside France: VINCI Construction UK in the United Kingdom; Warbud, Prumstav, SMP and SMS in Central Europe; Sogea-Satom in Africa.

Specialist activities serving global markets: Soletanche Freyssinet (foundation and ground technologies, structures, nuclear) and Entrepose (production, transport and storage infrastructure for the oil and gas sector).

A division dedicated to managing and delivering complex projects,VINCI Construction Grands Projets, VINCI Construction Terrassement and Dodin Campenon Bernard, which work on major civil engineering and building projects around the world.

Competitive position of VINCI Construction in its main markets

France. VINCI Construction is the leader in a market estimated at more than €200 billion, ahead of Bouygues Construction, Eiffage Construction, Fayat and Spie Batignolles. The remaining market is divided among medium-sized regional companies and a large number of small contractors.

United Kingdom. VINCI Construction UK is a company of significant size in the United Kingdom, especially in the building and civil engineering sectors. Its main competitors are the Balfour Beatty, Royal BAM (BAM Nuttall), Skanska UK, Carillion and Laing O’Rourke groups. The British market is estimated at around €170 billion.

Central Europe. VINCI Construction operates in this region through its mid-sized local subsidiaries, notably in Poland and the Czech Republic. Its main competitors are Strabag, Skanska and, in Poland, Polimex-Mostostal.

Africa. Operating in more than 20 countries, VINCI Construction subsidiary Sogea-Satom is a major player in Central Africa, West Africa and Equatorial Africa. Its main competitors are European, Asian and African.

Specialist markets. VINCI Construction subsidiary Soletanche Freyssinet operates in specialist civil engineering markets around the world. In October 2014, it increased its holding in Freyssinet España from 50% to 100%, which will enable it to take advantage of the growth potential of South America. Its competitors include Trevi and Bauer in special foundations and VSL (a subsidiary of the Bouygues Group) in prestressing and stay cable systems. VINCI Construction subsidiary Entrepose is also a global operator in the design and construction of complex industrial projects in the oil and gas sector. Its main competitors include Saipem (ENI Group) and CB&I.

Sources : Euroconstruct November 2014 (market size), company literature.

A broad-based international presence

VINCI Construction, operating in some 100 countries, generated nearly a quarter of its revenue outside europe and recorded a limited contraction in its domestic markets thanks to its local roots.


Based on its order book, VINCI Construction expects its activity to contract in 2015.
This is due to the completion of major civil engineering works and earthworks on the SEA project and the decline in the French market following cutbacks in public spending.

Order intake could, however, recover in the relatively near future under the combined effect of the housing stimulus plan initiated by the French government, private-sector building projects, the first urban development projects under the Grand Paris programme and investments under the motorway stimulus plan. In local markets outside France, activity should hold steady in the United Kingdom following restructuring currently under way, which is nearing completion; the return to growth in Central Europe should be confirmed; in Africa, Sogea-Satom should at a minimum maintain its market share but experience a contraction in revenue due to declining investment, particularly in the oil-producing countries.

In the speciality business activities, Soletanche Freyssinet’s record order book heralds strong growth across all business lines in most of the world’s regions. Entrepose is expected to have a more difficult year, given the decline in the oil price and the slowdown in investment in that sector.

In major projects, business at VINCI Construction Grands Projets should hold steady at a high level. For that company, and for VINCI Construction Terrassement and Dodin Campenon Bernard, the completion of civil engineering work on the SEA project will free up substantial resources that can be reallocated to new business in the international market. Synergies within the business unit and with VINCI Concessions will also foster the development of major export projects.

More broadly, VINCI Construction will be accelerating cross-division work to optimise its overall operational performance and to bring together and structure its product and service offerings, giving them greater visibility and extending their global geographical coverage.

€15,419m Revenue


€380m Operating profit
from ordinary activities

€524m Net profit attributable to equity holders of the parent

68,881 employees