Business Line

VINCI Autoroutes


VINCI Autoroutes operates 4,386 km of motorways in France – the biggest motorway network under concession in Europe – and carries over 2 million customers a day. The network is managed by four concession operating companies: ASF, Cofiroute, Escota and Arcour.

VINCI Autoroutes has invested around €9 billion in the construction, widening and improvement of its infrastructure since 2006.

The company’s employees are inspired by its service contract to continuously improve the quality of customer service.

A robust business model supporting heavy investments bolstered by its sound performance,

VINCI Autoroutes has continued investing significantly in the modernisation of its networks and development of its service policy.


VINCI Autoroutes should see the upward trend in traffic on French motorways continue in 2015, both for light and heavy vehicles.

Subject to a favourable outcome to the ongoing discussions with the French government in the first quarter of 2015, investment under the motorway stimulus plan may begin during the year, adding to that already in progress under the existing master plans.

At the same time, VINCI Autoroutes will continue to invest in improving motorway services by motivating all its employees to support the customer service contract commitments introduced in 2014.

€4,755m Revenue

€3,390m EBITDA

€2,149m Operating profit
from ordinary activities

€917m Net profit attributable to equity holders of the parent

7,228 employees