Business Line

VINCI Autoroutes


VINCI Autoroutes designs, builds, finances and operates 4,386 km of motorways under concession in France. Every day, it carries over 2 million customers on the networks of its four concession operating companies: ASF, Cofiroute, Escota and Arcour.

Guided by its uncompromising commitment to full and satisfactory execution of the public service missions that the state entrusts to it through concession contracts, VINCI Autoroutes harnesses the energy of all its employees to continuously improve customer service. To do this, it focuses on enhancing customer reception, traffic information and assistance to ensure network user comfort and convenience, and on upgrading its commercial facilities and its safety and environmental policy.

VINCI Autoroutes has invested €8.1 billion since 2006. The associated investment master plans included €7.3 billion to build the A89, A85 and A28 and to widen the A8, A9, A10, A50 and A63. Since 2010, it has also invested €750 million in improving the environmental performance of its networks under the green motorway package, in return for a one-year extension of its concession contracts. In line with the same contractual approach, VINCI Autoroutes will be investing almost €2 billion in a motorway stimulus plan, which was still the subject of talks with the French government at end 2013.


VINCI Autoroutes' healthy operating performance enables it to finance very substantial investment in its networks, benefiting customers and government authorities alike.


  • €4,596 Million Revenue
  • €2,031 Million Operating profit from ordinary activities
  • €798 Million Net profit attributable to equity holders of the parent
  • 7,641 employees


The structural increase in traffic, which picked up in the second half of 2013, is expected to continue in 2014. Given higher utilisation rates of sections recently brought into service and the anticipated effect of contractual toll increases, toll revenues should continue to rise.

VINCI Autoroutes will work to strengthen synergies between its networks, building on efforts it has already made. The convergence of operating policies and equipment programmes will generate further economies of scale while also optimising operating performance and traffic flows on its networks, to the benefit of users.

The resulting productivity gains will be invested to continue improving motorway service, in line with the commitments of the “service contract” that entered into force at the beginning of 2014. These investments will be earmarked notably for strengthening customer relations and programmes to modernise rest and service areas, with the aim of improving user comfort by providing seamless service throughout trips.

At the same time, in accordance with the contractual commitments of its concession companies, VINCI Autoroutes will continue to invest in motorway infrastructure. Widening and modernising its networks – to improve traffic flow, safety and motorways’ environmental footprints – could gain new momentum with the motorway stimulus plan under review by French and European authorities at the end of last year.

VINCI Autoroutes’ willingness to invest almost €2 illion in this programme, deferring return on investment until the end of its contracts, demonstrates once again its proactive vision of the concessions model, which creates long-term value for motorway concession companies and government authorities alike.